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How can I stick with my New Year’s resolutions this year? If you set resolutions each year but find it difficult to stick to them, Tara has some advice for keeping focused on your goals.

Why I’m taking a break from my phone and social media Ailbhe used to check her phone constantly, until she realised it was having a negative impact on other areas of her life

Why I’ve decide to become a vegan After doing some research, Emma started to cut out animal products from her diet one by one.

6 practical New Years resolutions to make the most of the year Are these on your list of resolutions? Marius talks about why they should be and how they can help.

How to enter the new year with a positive mindset Jade has some practical advice if you're nervous about the upcoming year

“Climate Friends” fight for climate action from the government Young activists occupied the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment on the 7th of December 2018

Is my stress the same as an adult’s stress? Ailbhe talks about why she believes that stress at any age is equally as valid as any other stress

My top tips for saving enough to pay for a Masters Ailbhe talks about how she managed to save the fees for her Masters degree, and then some

Is it a good idea to start a relationship with your best friend? Ailbhe talks about why starting a relationship with her best friend was one of the best decisions she's made

Why noticing our body language is so important Have you noticed someone is happy, angry or sad without them saying a word?

Why it’s so important to foster different types of intelligence Aine argues that great minds do not think alike and we should encourage all types of intelligence

Why I’d rather make mistakes than live with regrets Picking the wrong college course or career path is not always a bad thing. You can learn from every experience you have.