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Breakup survival

Beat the breakup blues by shouting, crying or simply talking to someone.

Written by Anonymous and posted in opinion

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It happens; you’re going out with someone you really like, maybe even love, and then it’s over as quick as it started. Sometimes you know the breakup is on the cards and sometimes it’s out of the blue.

So here are a few tips for getting over breakups:

  • Let it all out. Shout, scream, cry, talk to someone. Don’t keep it all bottled up or you might just explode with frustration.
  • Try to stay positive and to remember that with time, you'll feel better about the breakup. If one of you wasn't happy in the relationship then it is better to breakup than to stay together.
  • Always look on the bright side. Okay, so it's a cliché to say that there are plenty more fish in the sea BUT it's also true. There are other people for you to love, and to experience life with.
  • Don’t start avoiding your ex as it’s not the answer. Try to stay on good terms with them. Don't let the breakup affect where you socialise or who you spend time with.
  • Don’t start up rumours about your ex as this will come back to bite you in the ass.
  • Don’t hold a grudge unless you have a very, very good reason to do so.
  • Don’t dump somebody by text or phone, as it’s just not right. Be a man/woman about it and tell them it's not working out.
"Don’t feel the need to go out with somebody new until you are ready to."
  • Don’t get a friend to do your dirty work.
  • Listen to happy upbeat music! Any form of sad music, love songs, or songs you shared together will just make you VERY, VERY depressed.
  • Do something fun or exciting to get the other person out of your system. Go away with your mates, see a gig, join a sports team…
  • Start hanging out more with your friends, as you will want to be close to people you really trust.
  • Don’t go after your ex’s new partner.
  • If you need help get it. Talk to your friends and family or someone you trust. There are also helplines and services (see related services) who might be able to help.
  • Don’t feel the need to go out with somebody new until you are ready to.
  • Some people get over breakups quickly and others don’t. Take all the time you need to get over it.

Remember: being single again is great as you can hang out more with your friends, do whatever you want to and not be tied down with one person!

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Published Jan­u­ary 15th2013
Tags relationships breakups
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