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CAO Points Checker

Check out this handy app that lets you compare points on CAO courses over the years.

Written by James Mulhall | View this authors Twitter page and posted in opinion

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Without a doubt, one of the biggest mind-melters of the Leaving Cert is trying to fill out your CAO. You have to have your courses chosen before you know your results and when you get your results you might have a week of fretting ahead as you wonder whether or not you got your first choice. However, a savvy Leaving Cert student, Conor Burke, has come up with a solution!

Conor has built a new web app which helps students to analyse the points for their preferred courses.

“I have just completed my own Leaving Cert this year and decided to build this app as I found it difficult to find this information when filling out my CAO application and analysing course choices”, Conor said.

The app allows you to put up to three courses on a graph which compares the courses on a graph, showing how the points trends have changed over the last few years.

“The graphs reveal interesting trends in society and the evident change of mindsets among students. One notable trend is the influx of students to STEM courses, for example ,science in Trinity which has seen an increase of 85 points since 2008 which is shown effectively on our graphs”.

Conor has been working on the app since just after he finished his Leaving Cert.

“Immediately after my last leaving cert exam I started learning a language called Ruby on Rails. To build the app I used what I had learned from online tutorials and asked countless questions to experts who were always helpful”, he said.

Just log on to to use Conor’s app yourself!

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Published August 14th, 2013
Last updated March 15th, 2018
Tags cao leaving cert exam results
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