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Casting my first vote

SpunOutter Georgina talks about being a first time voter.

Written by Georgina Cantwell and posted in opinion

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Voting day is a couple of days away, and on Friday I will be casting my first official vote. You would think that by now I have a pretty good idea of what it is I'm going to be voting for, but the truth is I am as lost as Nemo.

I hear all this talk about what other people think. When I hear someone talk about voting no I agree with them and decide that I will vote no too, despite not really understanding what it was they said.

But then somebody comes along and talks about voting yes, and my mind does a u-turn and makes the decision to follow. This tossing and turning of opinions has my mind in a jumble. I was never one to understand political jargon and it just takes one word of it to throw me off.

You probably received the little booklet in the mail a week or two ago explaining the referendum. Of course, if you had more sense than me you would have actually read it. Another thing about me is that I don't enjoy reading, so when the booklet arrived I flicked through the pages with barely a glance and walked away. I do think its something that would be worth reading though.

In my little peek, I was very much surprised to discover that not only was I voting with regards to the Seanad, but also for a court of appeals. Two votes. Not just one, two!

If I had paid more attention to the television advert prior to scanning the booklet I may not have been taken aback as much. Admittedly, I still haven't paid much attention to the ad, but if I were to piece together all the little snippets that I have taken in, it might prove to be somewhat helpful.

Speaking of helpful, the posters are not. All those eye sores stuck up on every available pole, they do absolutely nothing but aggravate me. But that’s a whole other story about how money is being spent. I see no gain by putting up the posters. They give no information what so ever and very feebly try to gain votes.

Interestingly enough, I haven't spotted many 'Vote No' posters around and it hasn't made me consider any less about voting no.
 So as of now, I am on the fence. I have no clear view as to which way I will vote on Friday the 4th. I have however decided that I will actually sit down and read that booklet.

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Published October 1st, 2013
Last updated January 18th, 2016
Tags referendum voting
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