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Could you live without technology for 48 hours?

Enniscorthy Vocational College are trying this social experiment.

Written by Sarah Bermingham | View this authors Twitter page and posted in opinion

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Is it possible to live without electricity or technology for a day? How about two days? That’s the question media students from Enniscorthy Vocational College will be attempting to answer in an exciting new social experiment ‘Out of Service’ this March.

Twenty students will face the challenge on the first weekend in March in a secret haunted location. They will have to ensure their efforts are genuine as they’ll be streamed live on online TV channel

According to participant Dean Moore, “we thought it was a good idea because we’re teenagers and we can’t live without our phones and laptops so we thought it would be cool to see what happens when we have to live without technology”.

Ditching tablets and mobile phones, the group will instead undertake a number of challenges including ghost-hunting and lighting a fire without matches. Those who successfully complete tasks will be rewarded, while those who fail will be punished accordingly. A ‘temptation table’ will further test the students’ willpower: it will hold their mobile phones which will be left turned on but members will not be able to take calls or read emails or texts.

Anyone who finds the going too tough and wants to escape must hit the panic button. The group have different expectations and worries ahead of the test. Ryan Butterly isn’t looking forward to going without music for the weekend.

“I can’t even walk to the shops without earphones in my ears so that will be hard”, he said. In true ‘Big Brother’ style, the venue will also host a private ‘Chatter Box’ room, where the students will be able to vent their frustrations and share their experiences. Will being couped up with classmates for 48 hours contribute to this frustration? Ryan hopes not.

“I couldn’t ask for a better class to spend 48 hours with… no-one has any problems with anyone as of yet so hopefully it stays that way”, he said. It’s likely this trial will challenge how heavily some young people rely on technology, in the guise of phones, tablets, laptops and iPods.

“We tend to take it all for granted these days and no-one realises how good we have it”, the music-lover stated. Keep your eyes peeled for a teaser trailer to be released by the group this week.

You can follow their exploits on their blog, on  or Twitter @OutofService48.

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Published February 3rd, 2014
Last updated October 19th, 2015
Tags technology
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