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Could your strict parents know best?

Sarah reflects on her strict parents and how they may have been right when they tried to protect her from 'bad influences'

Written by Sarah Jackson and posted in opinion

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All my life I’ve had strict parents, my mam and dad were always the type to stop me from doing things that in the spur of the moment I wanted to do. I wasn't oppressed by my parents, like any other parents they worried about my safety especially as I began hanging around with different girls who my parents didn’t like.

I have had the same best friend since I began playschool we have always gone to the same school and live within very close range of each other. If I asked my mam and dad to go anywhere with this girl within reason they were happy to agree.

When we joined secondary school I met loads of new friends some good, some definitely not as good. Me and the girl I had been best friends with met 3 other girls that came from a different school and we immediately became a group. They were really nice to start off with in first and second year but in third year they changed.

They were a lot more advanced than I was and would often go out late at night and drink alcohol. As I wasn’t allowed out past 9:30 when they said they were having parties I felt left out. I felt my parents were too strict. But when  I found out these “parties” were in a field I began to realise that my strict parents knew best.

Now I myself see that these friends are in fact better for me I’m happier around them I don’t feel like I have to impress them constantly. My studies have gotten better and I look forward to seeing them and we have fun that I actually enjoy. So I thank my “strict parents” for keeping me safe and happy even though it CERTAINLY didn’t feel that way at the time. So, Thanks mam and dad!

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Published January 12th, 2016
Last updated February 28th, 2018
Tags parents opinion
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