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Do you believe in day dreaming?

Sinéad writes about the power of pondering!

Written by Sinéad Butler and posted in opinion

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"By mixing memories, ideas and concepts, daydreams are just beautiful abstract thoughts and imaginative ramblings"

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Have you ever been told to stop looking out the window in class or just to quit spacing into space? Despite getting you into trouble this session of drifting off is maybe exactly what you need. Are we just choosing to ignore what’s going on around us or is there a hidden power behind our daydreams? The Beatles once said “Listen to the colour of your dreams”. Nothing could be truer.

A daydream is a special form of dreaming because it happens when you are still awake. They are just simple wishful thoughts but it is their power that is extraordinary. They can inspire inventions, ideas, goals and serve as an evasion from the demands of reality. To daydream is to relax, to create, to imagine and to escape. Some of the greatest ideas started off as daydreams.

It is known that Newton solved many of his most difficult problems when his attention was waylaid by private musings and fantasies. Daydreaming is a holiday for the mind. Strange and unusual ideas can feature in daydreams, but it is healthy to allow creative ability flow. I believe that it is only when you allow for your mind to become a blank canvas then the rainbow of colour will arrive.

Unwinding at Sea Sessions

I recently attended Ireland’s hottest surf and music festival, Sea Sessions in Bundoran, Donegal. For the first time at a festival I felt a wave of calmness circulating through the sea soaked air. With funky art, lazy man couches, majestic face painting as well as a hopping dance tent and a buzzing showcase of skill coming from the skate boarders, Sea Sessions had space for daydreaming as well as body shaking.

I felt that the whole idea of the festival came from a collection of people who knew how to keep things chilled and also how to loosen up minds. Who’s to say the festival wasn't the direct result of a surfer’s daydream as they vested in the beauty of the breath taking powerful waves on Main Street Beach Bundoran and thought; people need to see this, people need to come here to relax and to have a good time.

To invent something, one does not need great tools nor great money but a wave of thought that could change everything. Think about the simple things like a dishwasher-could it not be said that this household invention came as a direct result of a daydream? A child who fantasised while doing chores about a magical machine that would wash the dirty plates automatically.

The best ideas come when we ditch our umbrellas of sheltered thoughts and allow for a rainfall of imaginative happenings, just look at Sea Sessions , it was and will be so successful because it knows how to surf the storm but also lay back in the ocean and float. Living in the clouds once in a while is fine so long as we come back down to earth at some point. Whoever once told you that living starts with action is wrong, great living starts with a daydream of what someone would like to be or do someday. Daydreams can help with goals in life.

The benefits of day dreaming

Through allowing our minds to wander we can achieve fresh directions to serve for a guide for future actions. As I enter into my final year at college the scary question of what comes next lingers like an annoying bee in my ear. It’s not a problem of not knowing what to do next but more so having too many plans and dreams whizzing around in my head that I can’t seem to pinpoint exactly what direction I will take.

This is where the remedy of a daydream comes in. I sit back and zone out to places where I can breathe. Dance is where I find that breath of fresh air. I sometimes drift out into images of thrilling ballerinas, loose, alive and free from any strains or demands from real life. As I picture them spinning around with all limbs like jelly being able to move in any direction they may choose, I think about the future. It will be tough leaving the comfortable realm of college and venturing off into a pathway that will be completely foreign to me but I hope I choose it in the same way that the dancers choose their moves with ease and calamity.

Daydreams have a hidden purpose that allow for these thoughts, we may not find exactly what path we will take in our daydreams but they can provide us with some form of guidance just through pondering. Remember that our minds are seas of thought and God only knows what will break at the seashore of the mind. The dreamtime of our own imaginings is golden.

Some of the best ideas and events come as a direct result of switching off and allowing for imagination to take over. Remember that daydreaming is a holiday for the mind and if we do not give our minds that holiday then we will never be able to truly think about what comes next in life, we will stay running and running and never know what we really wanted to do. By mixing memories, ideas and concepts, daydreams are just beautiful abstract thoughts and imaginative ramblings. They may be simple but if we allow their wandering wonder time in our lives, we can come up with some ground breaking ideas as well gaining guidance for our goals. Life is difficult but maybe before we face it head on, the first thing we must do is follow in the Beatles words and “turnoff your mind, relax and float downstream.”

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Published July 28th, 2014
Last updated October 27th, 2015
Tags day dreamer unwind
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