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I wasn’t drunk on St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

Emily shares her experience of March 17th

Written by Emily Garber and posted in opinion

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The morning after St. Patrick's Day my friend and I were talking about our Paddy's Day festivities, but my response that I wasn’t hung over surprised her.

"How are you feeling this morning?"

"Fine, I didn't get drunk yesterday."

"Oh you didn't? I’m sorry."

"No, it was my choice not to get drunk."

I wasn't drunk on St. Patrick's Day in Dublin. And as an American college student studying abroad I am probably one of the few, but that doesn't mean I didn't have fun. St. Patrick's Day is an iconic Irish holiday that people celebrate all over the world, but not everyone can say they celebrated the Irish holiday in Dublin.

Before the St. Patrick's Day festivities my abroad program advisors warned my peers and I of the hectic streets filled with drunkards. But it wasn't anything that I'm not used to or that other American college students aren't used to. Based on my experience, the streets of Paddy's Day in Dublin is comparable to college game day and tailgates; masses of people packed together in a confined area, drinking, having a good time - or having the craic as the Irish would say- and celebrating in unity.

The streets of Dublin were filled with locals and tourists lining Dame Street to get a good spot to see the parade. They created a sea of green; green hats, green sunglasses, green Ireland scarves, green socks, green pants and shirts.

My friends and I spent our Paddy's Day in the most touristy part of Dublin, Temple Bar. Since we are tourists we figured we would be in the heart of the celebration. Most of the bars and pubs in Temple Bar were filled with tourists and Americans like ourselves, but every bar we went to had a local band playing Irish music which made it feel more traditional, despite being surrounded by Americans.

Even without a copious amount of alcohol impeding with my memory, St. Patrick's Day in Dublin was an experience I will never forget. 

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Published March 22nd, 2017
Last updated February 22nd, 2018
Tags alcohol travel dublin
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