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Kick Start the Entrepreneur Inside of You

Are you ready to become your own boss? Well get ready to kick start the entrepreneur inside of you!

Written by Kelly McGill | View this authors Twitter page and posted in opinion

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Have you got an idea you want to share with the world? Worried about how you will fund your idea? Starting up something from scratch is difficult whether it is choosing what to write your thesis on or even what to make for dinner. These days, starting up online is the way to go whether it’s a small business, website, blog or even using Youtube as a way to voice your opinion, all these ideas have one thing in common, they need to have a strong online presence.

With more than 2 billion people using the internet today, the web is an amazing way to reach so many people in a short amount of time. Starting up is scary, believe me, not only because failure is the scariest thing on this planet but because you need to have an idea that jumps out and grabs your target audience and that folks is just the start!

So you have your idea well under way, everything is in place for it to be set out into the big World Wide Web, but before you hit that post button make sure everything is 100% because a fresh pair of eyes will notice the minor flaws in your work. You might think that the hardest part is well and truly over, however unless you have tons of money, taken out a loan or have won the lotto, you are working from what passion you have. Looking for sponsorship is one of the hardest things to do, however here are a few ways to get some funding and even just help in general when money is not in your favour.

Crowd funding

This is just like going back to primary school days and getting sponsored for the annual sponsored walk, minus the knocking on neighbour’s doors with a red face from embarrassment. With just the click of a button you can set up an account, share your story and start raising money for your project. It is that simple! Spreading the word is the most important factor of this method! If nobody knows about it, you won’t make money! Some crowd funding websites in Ireland have shown some fantastic success rates such as Pledge Sports, who help promote athletes in Ireland and who support Ireland’s creative projects in order to make it happen!

Work Experience/Volunteer

You will not have money to throw around after starting up, so whether you are a lone wolf or part of a wolf pack in the setting up situation, you will always need an extra few pair of hands to lend a dig out. With jobs being limited this summer, many college students will be looking for some vital experience and their skills are just what you need. Even though you will not have money to pay them, you will be putting their work out there and experience is gold to students looking to broaden their career and CV.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are a good way to make some extra cash on your blog or website. This means that you agree to provide links to a company's products, and in return are paid for each reader who makes a purchase after following your link. It is that simple! One rule however is to make sure that the affiliate program you use corresponds with your website for example Lifestyle Sports on a sports website.

Top 5 mistakes when starting up online

  • Not being different. Many people jump into a popular topic and more than likely it has been done a million times over. What you need to think about is why other customers/readers etc will want to spend time on your site. For this reason instead of being better than competitor sites you need to be different.
  • Choosing something you do not care about. Choosing an idea that is different might be out of your comfort zone and for this reason you might not be fully into it! If you find this to be the case, it is a major warning sign. This means you will lack creativity and any competitor website will have the upper hand.
  • Going lone wolf. Many people can go lone wolf, but as Alan from the Hangover said, “I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack. But when my sister brought Doug home I knew he was one of my own, and my wolf pack grew by one“. Basically what Alan was getting at is that more is better. It is always good have a growing group of people who help you even on your lowest days. More people means more ideas, creativity is quiche, remember that!
  • Don’t take negativity to heart. When setting up something there will always, and I mean always, be negative people. Not many people like others stepping on their toes so always use negativity as a driving force to be better.
  • Never be afraid to fail, as I mentioned before failure is terrifying, however it is always good to pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes. One of the most important factors in setting up is not being afraid to fail. Failing at something and doing it right again can be what makes your idea a success.
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Published July 7th, 2015
Last updated October 27th, 2015
Tags business entrepreneur employment
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