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NDRC: Making Ventures Happen

Are you a small tech start-up looking for investment?

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NDRC is an organisation that invests in new tech companies early in their development. NDRC used to be known as the National Digital Research Centre, but dropped its research role and now focuses on investment. If you’re trying to get a technology-based startup off the ground, NDRC supports could be just the boost you need. They are primarily interested in supporting tech companies that can sell on the global markets.

NDRC investments in companies are mostly made through the “accelerator model”. This provides modest amounts of cash coupled with a lot of practical support to companies that are just getting started. You can see a list of companies from a wide range of areas that have benefited from NDRC funding here. There are several different NDRC programmes, including those listed below. Take some time to work out which one best suits you and your company’s needs.

NDRC Launchpad

This is meant to turn solid ideas into working start-ups. Up to €30,000 is available in micro-seed investment to start-up teams who are just getting started. The focus is on companies that are developing an innovative digital business model.

If approved for funding, companies receive investment and support over a 12-week period. This includes mentorship, networking opportunities and weekly workshops with industry leaders. If this sounds like something for your start-up team, you can contact a member of the Venture Investment Team by using this online form.

NDRC Catalyser

This programme is intended for start-ups with a deep technological know-how aiming to solve a significant global need or problem. Funding of up to €100,000 is available along with six months of hands-on mentoring. Your business must have the potential to be ready for investors or making money within 6-9 months.

If you’re interested in discussing the Catalyser programme with a member of the Venture Investment Team, use this online form. After applying, you should hear back within a maximum of four weeks.

NDRC VentureLab

This programme is meant to assist companies with a basis in science or research. NDRC is looking for businesses that plan to develop new intellectual property, preferably with a digital core. €100,000 is offered in funding couples with a 6-month programme to allow the business to reach your agreed seed investment goal. Hands-on support and mentoring is a key part of the programme.

If you want to discuss this programme with a member of the Venture Investment Team, you can use this online form.

NDRC Female Founders

If you’re a young woman looking to get ahead with a tech start-up, the NDRC Female Founders programme should be of interest to you. NDRC invests €55,000 specifically in female entrepreneurs. The Female Founders programme is designed to support you taking your idea and turning it into a viable business model that can make a real impact on the global marketplace. In addition to the cash investment, the Female Founders programme includes access to NDRC’s network of investors, mentors and entrepreneurs who will help you achieve your business goals.

You can find out more about the Female Founders programme by using this online form.

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Published November 29th, 2016
Last updated February 19th, 2018
Tags tech startup start up employment entrepreneur
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