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Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in opinion

This is an opinion of a young person and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of It is one person's experience and may be different for you. If you'd like to write something for please contact

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Are you interested in sharing your stories, opinions, advice and experiences to help others across Ireland? Do you have stories or opinions you think will support, inspire, educate and engage other young people?

If so, submit your article, video or podcast for If it is in line with our submission guidelines, we’ll post it on our website in our “Opinion” section and promote it on our social media.


  • I’ve never written for SpunOut before, can I start now? Yes, we’re always open to any new contributors aged 16-25. Even if you have never written for SpunOut before, we’d like to hear from you.
  • Now is not a good time for me to write an article. Can I write one later in the year? Yes, we are happy to receive your articles at any time throughout the year, so get in touch when you have an idea, a draft piece, or a finished article.
  • I’d like to write an article but I don’t want my name to be shown, is that possible? Yes, the articles can be posted anonymously if you prefer. You can mention this when submitting your article and if you leave your name blank on the submission form, the article will be posted as “anonymous”.
  • I’m not sure if the article is ready to be posted on the website. Help! Send your article (even if it in a rough draft) to and she can work with you to finish your article.  
  • Does the topic need to be approved by SpunOut first? Nope, you’re free to write about whatever topic you want. If there are issues with it, we can chat about this when you submit your article or you can email to discuss the topic if you want.

Direct provision, refugee and asylum seeker experiences. 

We are currently looking to hear from young people in Ireland who have lived or are living in Direct Provision. We are also interested in hearing from young people living in Ireland who have experienced moving to Ireland as a refugee or asylum seeker.

Quitting smoking

Have you quit smoking or been trying to quit? Do you have any advice for others who are trying to quit? What helped and worked well for you? In January 2019 we'll be running our QUIT campaign and it would be great to include your stories and advice in the campaign. 

Alcohol & drugs

What has your experience with alcohol and drugs been? Do you have any advice or stories to share with others? Do you think Irish culture is too focused on drinking?


Have you been affected by suicide in any way? Do you have a story or advice to share with others who have also been affected by suicide?


We want to hear your stories on important relationships in your life – with your family, friends, partner etc. How have these relationships impacted your life? Is there any advice you can give to others?

Mental health

What mental health issues are you experiencing? Are you seeking support for your mental health issues? What advice would you give to others experiencing similar issues? What do you do to look after your mind?


Are you trying to decide what career is best for you? Are you working currently in a job you love or hate? What aspects of a job are important to you? What do you think of part-time jobs or internships?

Anything else?

If you're not mad about any of these ideas, feel free to send in content on any other topic that interests you. If you want to write about it, we want to read it!

Or what about these topics from our previous content call out?

If you’re interested in getting involved with but contributing content is not for you, check out some other ways you can get involved.

Child protection has a responsibility to protect children and vulnerable adults. If we receive content that leads us to believe that an identifiable child (under 18) or vulnerable adult was, is, or may be being abused, neglected or at risk of harm, has a responsibility to pass this information onto social work teams and/or the Gardai. If you have any questions or queries, please visit or contact

So what do I do next?

Read our article, video or podcast submission guidelines before you get started. If you have any questions just drop an email to and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can. All articles should be under 1000 words, and you can submit your article here or to

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Published Decem­ber 4th2018
Tags opinion content callout content contributor volunteer
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