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Spending my summer in Ireland

This little isle has plenty to keep us entertained

Written by Louise Lawless and posted in opinion

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Africa, America, Bali, Barbados, Canada, France, Germany, interrailing, Italy…Meath.

Not quite the same is it? As the summer holidays come around again the list of places people are heading off to are exotic, full of adventure, magic and new experiences.

Whereas I am staying here. In Ireland. For the whole summer.

Working in Disneyland Paris? Building houses in Africa? Psychology volunteering in Bali? No thanks, I’ll work from home. At best, I’ll be in an office all summer, 9-5 paid. Internships aren’t glamorous but they should be done (so I’m led to believe anyway!). However, the monotony of everyday routine will hopefully be illuminated by afternoons off and weekends free. For my time living at home (and therefore cheaply) is fast coming to an end. My self imposed emigration draws near; Erasmus.

Erasmus was downplayed at first, it became a cop out for things, a pre-emptive excuse to do or not do what I felt needed to be justified; go to the ball, sure we won’t be here next year will we? Family strife? Well sure, I’ll be moving out next year, won’t have to put up with this. Reluctance to even try get involved with anyone romantically. I’ll be away all next year, what’s the point? Friends taking you for granted? They’ll miss me when I’m gone. But then it became all too real as there was perceptible competition for locations, presentations had to be made, grades had to be achieved and tears were shed. The potential to achieve 35% of our degree relied on us filling in the forms on time, signing where needed, and as every good Law student (or avid Suits fan) knows, once you sign it, there’s virtually no going back.

In preparation and ode to bidding farewell to the country I call home, I am taking it upon myself to spend the summer at home, happily so, doing the tourist job of it, but being comforted by the fact that this, is my home.

We are the country of wondrous beauty, both scenic and people (Colin Farrell aye, oh and the Cliffs of Moher and the like).

We are the country of saints and scholars (Pearse, Yeats, Heaney).

We are the country of revolution (Lads, if you didn’t notice with all the parades and celebrations we’re celebrating the centenary of the Rising which led to us becoming independent from the UK, just a heads up).

We have risen. Like a phoenix from the ashes. From a time of economic turmoil to be the fastest growing economy in the European Union. From an overtly Catholic country with a history of atrocities and tragedies including the child abuse scandal and the Magdalene Laundries respectively we have risen to be the first country to award marriage equality by way of public referendum. A proverbial middle finger to the system if there ever was one. From a time where signs proclaiming “No Irish need apply” we have representatives from the Emerald isle globally and in every industry and more often than not, doing a damned good job of it.

So although I am happy to stay in Ireland and postpone any jet setting adventures until September I have faith in the saying that;

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave and it feels even better to come back”. 

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Published July 5th, 2016
Last updated February 23rd, 2018
Tags summer staycation summer boredom
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