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The Young Social Innovators project helping people to stay safe

Ellen and Andrea talk about their Young Social Innovators project 'Stay Safe'.

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Did you know that 1 in 5 Irish women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime? Sexual assault can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Although we may never live a society where sexual assault does not exist, there are things that can be done to help prevent it. Our response is ‘StaySafe.’

Our journey began way in September, when our Transition year class from Mount Mercy College in Cork were first introduced to Young Social Innovators. YSI is a nationwide competition were teens get involved in social issues in their community. Together, we choose the issue of sexual assault, and our project titled “Sexual Assault Must Come To A Halt” was born. When tackling this issue we believed that an app would be the most effective way to help people.

The growing use of technology and the already strong trust that we all have in our phones makes it the perfect platform to aid others. As teenagers we never leave the house without our phones and so our app would be with us ‘at all times’. We made two apps (both Android and Apple versions), under the guidance and help of a YSI. mentor. Both of these people allowed us to make the apps that we have today and although it was a long process, it was certainly worth it.

Our app has many functions with its main function being the safety alarm that can alert passer-byers if activated. It also enables an automated text message to be sent containing your GPS location to pre-selected contacts, which informs them that you are in danger. ‘StaySafe’ contains a useful tips section on sexual assault prevention too and various links to key contacts and helplines if you should need them.

Not only can ‘StaySafe’ be used in instances of sexual assault but it can also be used as a general personal safety device. Imagine as you are walking home alone you begin to feel in danger. All you have to do is open ‘StaySafe’ and from there you have a safety alarm and an emergency text message service at your fingertips.

Even though you may not always need to sound the alarm or send the text, you have the emotional re-assurance that help is just a touch away. ‘StaySafe’ can be used to suit you and your lifestyle, whether its waiting for your mum after school or your dad at a disco, walking home during the winter time and even window shopping in town. The uses are endless.

Please download ‘StaySafe’ today and together, we can help begin bringing sexual assault to a halt. Our free app ‘StaySafe HD’ is available in the Apple App Store,  and the Android version, ‘StaySafe’, is available in the Google Play Store,

The group from Mount Mercy College, Cork came second place in the Young Social Innovators programme with their Stay Safe app.

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Published May 12th2014
Tags young social innovators activism
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