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Student accommodation nightmares

Unpleasant living situations and how to avoid them

Written by Eimear Nolan and posted in opinion

This is an opinion of a young person and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of It is one person's experience and may be different for you. If you'd like to write something for please contact

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Student accommodation can often be a stressful and frustrating place of residence. It is hard to find somewhere to live and hard to maintain it once you do.

There are various types of housemates you may get landed with and some are luckier than others. Some roommates can be a nightmare to live with. For example, the messy ones will leave their ketchup stained plates brewing for weeks, allow cheese to turn green in the fridge, survive mostly on pizza and will definitely not bring out the bins.

Others will be angels, They will use their colour coded chopping boards to efficiently make a home cooked meal, will clean up and neatly put back equipment to its rightful place, will be slighted obsessed with what way things should be placed, will spray the room with air freshener and will most certainly bring out the bins.

The average housemate likes a good take-away, might dispose of rubbish or clean up depending on mood, will not be bothered if things are messy, dirty or mouldy, likes when the clean freak takes care of things and will bring out the bins once every six weeks and then give out about how they always do it.

It’s luck of the draw what combination of housemates you end up with. I have had my fair share of messy housemates and disgusting houses throughout the years. First year of college for example, within weeks of the bins piling up, the dishes not being washed and the floor not being swept a maggot infestation began in the corner of the room within the bin area. Yes, disgusting savages. We were living in a maggot-infested house. Masks on and bleach out a de-maggot intervention began, dishes cleaned and bins disposed of. About two hours later a plate with leftover spag bol remaining on it was placed beside the sink, followed by another plate, two bowls, 3 spoons and a half cup of tea for the cycle to begin again.

Living with nine girls in America also proved to be a challenge.Clothes were constantly everywhere, you had to wear what you could find and socks for some reason were like gold dust.The drain in the shower was quickly blocked up with an accumulation of hair leaving a constant flood of water we called the ‘cold lake’ which you had to step into each time you had a shower. With unidentifiable food stains in the sink leeches began to appear, cockroaches ran throughout the presses, rats in the walls and it was the final straw when we came home one night to be greeted by a racoon on our doorstep enjoying our leftover rubbish.

This year I tried not to let the horrible living conditions begin again but when you or your housemate is in a rush and the biggest lie ‘I’ll clean that later’ is told the cycle automatically begins again. If you want to avoid this disgusting accommodation struggle I would recommend making a cleaning and bin rota, regularly clearing out the fridge and try not to let thing build up. Simply keep on top of these easy tasks which I have previously failed to do in order to maintain a maggot free kitchen!    

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Published April 19th, 2017
Tags accommodation college student
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