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We are all creatures of the earth

SpunOutter Hannah examines our existence on earth and asks us to not to lose that magic spark

Written by Hannah Fitzpatrick and posted in opinion

This is an opinion of a young person and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of It is one person's experience and may be different for you. If you'd like to write something for please contact

"The world has lots of better things to offer than just money. You do not need to keep climbing or keep earning. You need to go out there, calm down and feel the sensation of being alive. "

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Before creatures began to dwell on this wondrous planet. Earth was the living thing. Spinning mindlessly around the sun. Making its small dent on the universe. Being beautiful without a viewer. It lived peacefully without self-conscious beings wandering around its body.

Soil layered down like organs, and covered with a grassy skin. And from the ground grows lung-like beauties. Trees that breathe life to everything. Deep down, beneath the vastness burns a core that never rests. And high above the deserts and forests a sky for every soul to witness. Vibrant and stunning, a background to the world. Something to look at it and immediately feel uplifted.

Then we were born. Little extensions of this planet. With lungs shaped just like trees. Branches; Bronchioles and alveoli; leaves. Organs that keep us going, fantastic but not seen. Covered not with a layer of grass, but skin smooth and clean. Rivers of blood flow, to our fiery hearts inside. The root not of earthquakes, but distress and love and lies. And we have eyes, windows to our souls. Where the beauty lies. Our little skies.

Most of our body is made of bacteria. There to carry out functions necessary for staying here. Of course with good comes bad, some types attack our cells and make us sick. We organisms are the bacteria to earth, crawling around its body. With no intention, for the most part but surviving and reproducing. Yet we leave our mark. We all make a difference. We’ve got clever little creatures that help trees grow. Earthworms that hurry in the soil making airy burrows.

And here we are, humans. Without meaning to do harm. Slaughtering our home that is earth and thus slaughtering ourselves. We cut down trees that give us breath, contaminate oceans we drink. We throw rubbish everywhere on the ground we walk, and let the air we need, stink. We are setting fire to our own lungs by hurting the lungs of earth. We are poisoning our own blood by pumping in oil, gas and excrement to the sea. The sunset and its spectacular sights. Snow-capped mountains beneath northern lights. Furry animals. Acts of love. Mighty waterfalls, tropical beach fronts. Everything is so beautiful. If we just stopped and looked.

Don't lose the magic of being alive

Greed ruins the world, and leads us ever into this unappetizing direction. Every day cutting down more trees, Building more factories, polluting more seas. Making more than enough food for people who have more than enough to eat. The world has lots of better things to offer than just money. You do not need to keep climbing or keep earning. You need to go out there, calm down and feel the sensation of being alive. To know why it’s worth it to be here. There are wonderful things to see and beautiful people to meet. There is music that haunts, lifts, powers you or makes you dance or sing. There are sensations everywhere from surfing to running to downhill skiing. Wild berries on the tongue and musky evenings under a setting sun. Things that blow your mind, or make everything fall into place.

Our lives are becoming completely watered down versions of what nature intended. No wonder so many people are beginning to see the end early. Do you remember how enchanting a moment can be? What it felt like to run around outdoors, laughing, climbing trees. Or playing a game with a bunch of friends on a flower scented field.

 Here you are. You are alive. Things may seem dull. If so, you have lost the magic. It’s a shame, but don’t give up. Life can be so magical, bursting with wonder, emotions and love. Seek the things that are simple but real. Observe a rabbit in the field. Or a mama bird feeding her young. See the colours of the trees. And watch the twinkling stars up above. Love someone and breathe. Just breathe. Just breathe.

Someday I will have to make my own life choices, free from my parents’ tight grip. Myself, with countless others across the globe will be facing decisions on the life they’d like to live. We need to make the right ones. We need to know who we are. We need to remember the earth is alive. And decide whether we and it should really live – or die.

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Published January 12th, 2016
Last updated February 23rd, 2018
Tags opinion
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