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Weinstein, Trump, Spacey, and why we need to talk about consent

Consent is a clear, unambiguous yes

Written by Clara Kelly and posted in opinion

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It seems like every day we see examples of a new case of sexual assault plaguing headlines, from Hollywood to government, sexual assault is everywhere. It has become nearly impossible to turn on your tv, open a newspaper or even just scroll through social media without seeing multiple cases of men who seem more than a little foggy on the concept of consent.

Let me be clear, anything except for an enthusiastic yes, is a no.

Men such as Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein and more recently Kevin Spacey use power and position to manipulate and take advantage of others, and this is simply not okay. Fair enough some of these men such as Weinstein have gotten their fair share of hatred since the information came to light, but is some mean tweets directed at these men enough? No.

Far too often these crimes are taken all too lightly. The President of the United States admitted to grabbing women ‘by the pussy’ and is still somehow the President of the United States. This ‘grabbing’ was clearly not consensual as he made clear in this video.

The fact is consent is still not openly discussed nearly enough. This silence and fear are what these men rely on. Spacey has even tried to hide behind his sexuality to excuse his actions, as if sexuality somehow affects his ability to not touch people without their consent, or crazy idea, not touch minors at all.

The concept of consent simply should not be something anybody is foggy on. You can revoke consent at ANY time, and just because you give a person consent once, does not mean they have consent again unless you decide they do. Consent once is not consent always and anything except a very clear yes is not consent. Consent is easy to understand and in this current time filled with sexual assault headlines and those who fuel them as the actual US president, consent is something everyone should be discussing openly, and actively.

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Published November 23rd, 2017
Last updated August 10th, 2018
Tags consent sexual abuse
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