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A letter to myself before my eating disorder recovery "Eating disorders had been in my life for the last ten years, and I did not want to see it take another year of mine."

How I started my eating disorder recovery journey Looking back over the last three years, Isabel explains why November is an important time for her in her recovery.

How I manage my grief at Christmas time Christmas can be a difficult time for anyone dealing with grief. Joyce shares how she manages her grief over the holidays.

Interested in sharing your stories and opinions on Our volunteers write articles or create videos and podcasts for the site. Sharing your stories can help so many people.

Why men should be encouraged to express their emotions Have you ever heard the sayings "Boys don't cry" and "man up" and thought about how they impact people?

My tips for managing mental health at school or in college Isabel has some practical advice which might help you cope during the school year

Why we need better mental health education in Ireland Adam talks about why the young people of Ireland deserve to be taught properly about mental health

Why Ireland’s drinking culture needs to change Looking at statistics from Ireland and abroad, Gillian talks about the drinking culture and how it impacts the next generation

Emma’s beetroot veggie burger recipe These are great to make in bulk and defrost when you need them.

Finding happiness while juggling all life throws at you Aine talks about what happiness means to her and how it has changed over the years

What is the Climate Case Ireland and why is it so important This legal case is against the Irish State to address Ireland's government’s weak climate change policies.

Why it’s important for Ireland to look at America’s gun statistics Looking at the gun violence statistics in America, Jodie thinks it important not to let the same thing happen in Ireland