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Why I'm supporting the "Our Fada" movement Criodán talks about the importance of fadas in the Irish language and why we should care about using them.

How our responses empower us or hold us back Aine shares a story from her childhood that helped her learn how important our responses can be

Why I'm raising awareness about lowering the voting age Jessica surveyed students in her school about the voting age referendum and found some interesting information

Why learning about different religions is so important Jessica believes that learning about different religions helps to reduce fear and intolerance.

Why I believe Ireland's education system needs to evolve Marius compares the education system in Ireland and Finland and argues that the Irish system needs to keep up with the times

What I've learned about our attitudes to speaking Irish Calum found some interesting information about speaking Irish from surveying his friends

My personal experience of self-harm This volunteer talks about her experience with self-harm and what has helped her in her recovery

Inspirational women to discover this International Women’s Day Denise profiles the female influences that give her inspiration and make her social media feeds more positive.

Why scouting has been such a positive experience for me Ciaran talks about the positive life experiences he has gained over the years with the Scouts

Why it's important to look at the positives of social media Isabel talks about the positive aspects of Instagram and how it can bring communities together

Why it's important to explore all your options when finishing school Going to college is not the only option available after school. Colm thinks it's important to take the time to see what options suit you best.

What you can learn from listening to your ego Are you surprised how you react to things sometimes? Aine argues it can be related to how you view yourself.