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Why Pride and International Coming Out Day are so important "Imagine considering yourself lucky that the worst you have to endure is name calling and the odd disapproving glance"

The pros and cons of having the internet at your fingertips Ahead of International Day of Universal Access to Information, Criodan looks at how the internet and smartphones have changed the way we view the world

Interested in sharing your opinions, advice and stories with We believe in peer-to-peer education and believe your stories can help support your peers

An bhfuil suim agat do thuairim, comhairle agus scéalta a roinnt? Tá i gconaí i dtóir ar daoine óige chun a gcuid taithí a roinnt chun tacaíocht a thabhairt do daoine óige eile.

Whether your team is winning or losing, sports can be difficult to watch Diarmaid wonders why so many people watch sports when it can be such a stressful experience for all involved

Why we should trust young people and lower the voting age Calum talks about why young people should be allowed to have more of a say

Why I’m trying to be flexible with my day-to-day plans Ally talks about why planning every minute of the day doesn't work for her and why it's better to be flexible with your day

Why we should keep History for the Junior Cert and beyond Shauna gives her reasons why learning about History is important and why it should be kept as a compulsory subject

What we can all learn from the Pope’s visit Jessica looks at the important lessons we can take from the Papal visit whether you're religious on not

Why I disagree with lowering the voting age to 16 As a 16 year old themselves, this reader thinks the voting age should stay at 18

Why we should all be concerned about cyberbullying Sean talks about the impact cyberbullying has on young people and how we can stop bullying

Why queer spaces are still so important to have After chatting with friends, Nathan looks at why queer spaces are needed throughout the country.