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Single-use plastics are ruining our planet Concerned about the negative impact of single-use plastics, Sean looks at what we can do to help address this problem.

What is the gender pay gap and how can we address it? Laura looks at some of the root causes of the gender pay gap and some of the proposed solutions

The power of young people in politics in Ireland Following the Marriage Equality and 8th Amendment referendum, it's clear to see the impact young people can have in politics

Choosing the right path for you after college Unsure what you want to do after college? Louise gives her take on deciding what to do next

Making a life past the Leaving Cert Gráinne talks about why the Leaving Cert isn't the be-all and end-all like people think

Podcast submission guidelines for Interested in creating podcasts for This is how you get started

June content callout We want your thoughts, opinions and ramblings!

Part 1: Framing the 8th Amendment referendum debate Prior to the referendum, Jenny talked to Brian Sheehan about the links between this referendum and the marriage equality referendum.

Video submission guidelines for Interested in creating videos for This is how you get started.

Your vote in the referendum is important for those who can’t vote Impacted by a referendum she can't vote in, Jodie urges you to have your say

I am pro-life, but still voting yes in the referendum After watching the recent debates, David talks about why he has decided to vote Yes.

Thinking about the reaction after the referendum Seans considers how some people may feel depending on the results of the referendum