Amanda Fitzgerald

About Us


Amanda is an Associate Professor in University College Dublin (UCD) School of Psychology and is an active researcher in the youth mental health field. She is involved in a number of projects investigating risk and resilience in youth, evaluating early intervention mental health strategies for young people and examining psychosocial issues related to body image and appearance concerns.

In 2013, Amanda co-founded the Youth Mental Health lab, a research group within UCD School of Psychology which aims to promote research in youth mental health. Amanda is an Executive Committee Member of the International Association for Youth Mental Health.

Amanda completed her PhD in Developmental Psychology from NUI Galway in 2010 and subsequently conducted her postdoctoral research on the My World Survey, the largest national survey on mental health among young people aged 12-25 years. The My World Survey involves a collaboration between Jigsaw-The National Centre for Youth Mental Health and UCD School of Psychology. Amanda is a core team member on the My World Survey-2, a repeat survey aimed at mapping the youth mental health landscape for our young people today and the findings from this can be used to influence youth mental health policy and practice in Ireland.

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