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Deciding when to have sex after a sexual assault

This writer gives some advice for survivors of sexual assault who are thinking about having sex

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Looking after yourself when experiencing emotional abuse

Emotional abuse happens when someone constantly threatens, teases, bullies, humiliates, intimidates, calls you worthless or betrays you.

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Is my relationship abusive?

Know the signs of abusive behaviour to look out for in a relationship

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Are my relationships online healthy?

Learn more about digital and online abuse

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YSI hits Galway on the next leg of the 2018 SpeakOut Tour

Our reporter Ellen looks at the social issues young people are tackling with YSI

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My story of a manipulative relationship

What a manipulative relationship looked like for one SpunOut reader

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Is it really abuse?

Sometimes emotional abuse can be subtle actions

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What happens at a Sexual Assault Treatment Unit?

Who is the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU) service for?

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I am a survivor, not a victim

Surviving sexual abuse.

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When a friend lives with abuse

Helping a friend when they have nobody else to turn to

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Am I in a healthy relationship?

Every relationship has ups and downs, but it helps to know what a healthy and unhealthy relationship looks like

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Rape Crisis Centre: Information on the services they provide

Information on the services in Rape Crisis Centres in Ireland

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