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Showing all articles tagged anxiety

Why checking in on your friends' mental health is so important

Abbie talks about why asking ‘how have you been recently?’ is such a powerful question

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Why our nerves help push us outside our comfort zone

Aine talks about our fight or flight response and how we can learn from it to challenge ourselves

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Why we seriously need better mental health services

This reader writes an open letter to the government about the lack of mental health facilities

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Practical CBT skills I use to help with panic attacks

Laura looks at how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy works and some skills to practice day to day to help your mental health

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My experience dating someone with anxiety

Jamie gives some advice about what has helped his partner with their anxiety

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Recognising and learning about my anxiety

Jasmine talks about her personal journey to learn more about managing her anxiety

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How my anxiety impacts my relationships

Lauren talks about telling her friends about her anxiety and what the responses have been like

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5 podcasts that help with my anxiety

For some people, podcasts are a great way to relax, learn something new, and take the focus away from anxious thoughts.

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How to care for an anxious friend

Teresa gives some tips to help your anxious friend feel cared for and calmer

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Online counselling has really helped with my anxiety

There are many online courses, supports and resources available if you're looking for help with anxiety

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Being the boss of anxiety

One reader talks about their experience with anxiety

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Take a day off for your mental health

Jessica talks about why taking mental health days are so important, and how they help her cope

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