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How to cope when a parent has a mental problem

It can be difficult when a parent is dealing with a mental health problem

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What is ADHD?

Learn more about ADHD and how it can be treated and managed

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How to access mental health support in rural Ireland

Find organisations and services that can help if you live in a rural area

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Let's talk about periods

It’s time to start conversations about periods

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How to help people in period poverty

No one should have to go without the products they need during their period

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How can I help homeless people in Ireland?

The majority of homeless people now in Ireland are those living in Emergency Accommodation

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How to grow your self belief

Learning to believe in yourself can help you to grow more confident in your abilities

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Why do people freeze during a sexual assault?

Understanding the fight/flight/freeze response can help to explain the way a person might respond to trauma

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Support groups for young people affected by cancer

Find support if you have been diagnosed with cancer or if you have a friend or family member undergoing treatment

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How can I help someone in a toxic relationship?

If a friend is in a controlling relationship there are ways that you can help

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How does EPIC support young people in care?

EPIC is an advocacy group that provides information for people who have experienced care

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I am unsure of my identity. What should I do?

Learn more about sexuality, gender identity and gender expression

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