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Showing all articles tagged bullying

How I reached out for help after years of bullying

Having been bullied in school, Joyce talks about the turning point and getting help from her family

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How I started my recovery from anorexia

Joyce shares her story of living with anorexia and looks back on her recovery

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How can I help someone who is being bullied in school?

What are the different types of bulling, why people bully and and how you can help someone who is being bullied.

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Why we should all be concerned about cyberbullying

Sean talks about the impact cyberbullying has on young people and how we can stop bullying

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Building my confidence and growing stronger after being bullied

Being bullied can really knock your confidence. Focusing on yourself and building your confidence can be so empowering.

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How I built my confidence in secondary school

After being bullied in primary school, Criodan has some advice on making a conscious effort to build confidence

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If you’ve been bullied, it’s important to talk to a professional

One reader talks about how being bullied impacted them and how professionals can help

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You are neither here, nor there.

Craig talks about loneliness and coming to terms with his sexuality.

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Stand Up! LGBTI+ Awareness Week 2017

Take a stand against homophobic and transphobic bullying

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What to do if you are the bully

Steps to take to stop bullying

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Places to turn to if you are experiencing bullying

People and places to go to for help with bullying

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Teens in Ireland are bullied online more so than teens in other countries

One in four Irish teens have experienced cyberbullying

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