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Showing all articles tagged depression

How I stopped hurting myself

Talking really helped me stop hurting myself.

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Dealing with the bad days

Recovering from depression is no easy task.

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Life after suicide

Learning to deal with grief after suicide bereavement.

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Blogging my way to recovery

Anxiety and depression recovery.

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My experience of antidepressants

Recovering from depression.

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Overcoming depression in college

Elisa talks about dealing with depression in college and how it's important to remember you're not alone

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The stigma of mental illness

I am no different to you!

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What is self harm?

Why do people self harm and who can they turn to for support?

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How to support a friend who is feeling depressed

You want to be there for them through thick and thin

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Bipolar Disorder

Find supportive information on bipolar disorder

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Postnatal Depression

Tips on how to deal with feeling low after the birth of your baby

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Dealing with depression

Support and treatment for depression

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