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Showing all articles tagged digital citizenship

How to make the most of your time online

It's okay to spend time on social media, but it's good to check in with how it makes you feel

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How the internet can impact on our relationships

The internet is great for keeping up with people, but it's important it doesn't get in the way of offline connections

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How to handle feeling lonely online

Many people experience feelings of loneliness online - here are ways to handle it

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Online behaviours to avoid

There are certain behaviours that can make the internet an uncomfortable space for people - here are some things to avoid doing

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Someone has threatened to share my nudes. What do I do now?

This can be a distressing experience, but there is support out there

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How to share your mental health story online

Find out how you can share your experiences while being mindful of how your story could affect others

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Using the internet for activism

The internet can be a great tool for supporting and developing your activism

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