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Surviving the 12 Pubs of Christmas

Drinking sensibly and pacing yourself makes for a better night out!

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Helping drunk friends

What to do when a friend is drunk and out of control!

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An alcohol-free student life - part two

Michaela Dean update us on how she's getting on without alchol

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Accepting your sober self

Dealing with soberdom on a night out

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Alcohol free cocktails

Taste good and avoid the hangover

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Drink and drug driving

NEVER drive when under the influence of drugs or alcohol

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Alcohol, cigarettes and the law

What are you legally allowed to do?

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Women and alcohol

Be in the know about alcohol limits

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Partying without the piss up

Avoid a nasty hangover and the health risks of drinking too much alcohol

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Coping with a partner's alcohol use

What can you do to help?

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Facts about alcohol

Aka booze, beer, wine, spirits, liquors

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Alcohol awareness

Stay healthy if you do choose to have a drink every now and then

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