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Support's Caitlin Grant as she runs the Dublin City Marathon

Caitlin is running the Dublin City Marathon this October in aid of

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The benefits of commuting on a bike 

Ross recently started cycling instead of taking buses and trains, and has noticed the physical and mental health benefits

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My tips for healthier eating and exercising in college

These tips can help you save money and time while also staying healthy

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Write for's Healthy Living Campaign is looking for anyone aged 16-25 who wants to support young people across Ireland to live healthier lives

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Who can I trust for nutrition and fitness advice?

It's important you're getting advice on nutrition and exercise from a source you can trust

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Why I decided to run a marathon this year

Caitlin always enjoyed running 5km but this year has set herself the challenge of running a marathon

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How running helps my physical and mental health

Running gives Caitlin a chance to clear her head and lifts her energy levels for the day

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Exercises for people with limited mobility

Sitting down exercise is great for people who use a wheelchair or who have limited mobility

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Our experience at the YSI Speak Out

Students from Mercy Beaumont give an overview of the YSI SpeakOut Tour.

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How to gain muscle in a healthy way

If you want to build up muscle, it’s always best to do it the natural way

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What is Pilates?

Find out the benefits of taking up this popular form of exercise

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What is the difference between yoga and pilates?

Learn about the similarities and differences between these two popular forms of exercise

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