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What is the difference between yoga and pilates?

Learn about the similarities and differences between these two popular forms of exercise

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Water sports and activities in Ireland

There are a whole range of activities you can take up in the water

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How exercise and meditation help my mental health

Criodán has been out cycling and running recently and finds he has more energy and is sleeping better.

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Tennis for blind and visionally impaired people in Ireland

Learn more about blind/vI tennis and where you can play it in Ireland

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Aerial classes in Ireland

Circus based training classes combined strength and conditioning

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5 racket sports to play in Ireland

Whether you want to play solo or with friends, there are a number of racket sports you could take up

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How to start running

Running is a great way to keep fit. Here’s some advice for getting started.

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Outdoor activities to help you get exercise

Here are some ways to keep fit and get out of the house

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Wheelchair sports teams you can join in Ireland

With over 20 clubs to choose from find the sport that suits you

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Dance fitness classes for beginners

Dancing is an effective workout while having fun

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Tips to start the school year refreshed, organised and motivated

Jill gives some tips for making the most out of your school year

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My top tips to avoid a summer slump

If you're staying in Ireland over the summer, Stephaine has some recommendations for keeping active

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