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Why I've decide to become a vegan

After doing some research, Emma started to cut out animal products from her diet one by one.

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My top tips for saving enough to pay for a Masters

Ailbhe talks about how she managed to save the fees for her Masters degree, and then some

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Sam's vegan red lentil dhal recipe

This is a great meal to make in bulk and keep in your freezer for busy days

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Top healthy food accounts to follow on social media

7 healthy food accounts to follow on Instagram

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Safefood releases new report about food safety knowledge of the general population

Safefood enacts new campaign called ‘Burger Fever’ to inform people about food safety

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Watch: Sophie's Pancake Recipe

Try this simple and student-friendly recipe from Sophie

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Watch: Ryan's Quinoa Risotto recipe

Try this student-friendly dish

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Watch: 5 simple things to make in your microwave

This short video will help you make the most of your microwave

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Cooking safely with leftovers

Try and make use of leftover food instead of letting it go to wate

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10 recipes you need to survive college life

Try these simple and tasty meals to get you through

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11 must-have utensils in the kitchen

A few key tools will ensure you can cook anything

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Is a food intolerance causing you difficulties?

Feeling under the weather, maybe your diet is to blame.

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