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Wheelchair sports teams you can join in Ireland

With over 20 clubs to choose from find the sport that suits you

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Dance fitness classes for beginners

Dancing is an effective workout while having fun

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Tips to start the school year refreshed, organised and motivated

Jill gives some tips for making the most out of your school year

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St Patrick's Mental Health Services hold first annual Recovery Festival

All past and present service users along with their families are invited to this free event

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Have your say on HIQA's plan to offer HPV vaccinations to boys as well as girls

Since 2010 the vaccination has only been offered to girls aged between 12-13

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Take part in a mental health research project

A new research project has started in Trinity College Dublin and is looking for teenage girls to take part

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Have your say about drug possession

The Department of Health is looking for the public's opinion about drug possession

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Take a day off for your mental health

Jessica talks about why taking mental health days are so important, and how they help her cope

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Managing life with a heavy heart

Daniel talks about his experience with depression

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How to take care of yourself while drinking

GrĂ¡inne talks about how to be safe while drinking, and enjoy yourself at the same time

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Losing weight can reverse type 2 diabetes

A new study has shown that losing weight can reverse type 2 diabetes in obese patients

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Dramatic drop in smoking in Ireland

Nearly a 70% drop in the number of 15 and 16 year olds smoking in Ireland

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