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Showing all articles tagged internet safety

Could you be doing more to create a better internet?

Sarah shares her tips for Safer Internet Day

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Safer Internet Day 2017

Be the change: Unite for a better internet

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Internet privacy and you: what’s to worry about?

Tips for protecting yourself online!

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Facebook Messenger Safety

How to stay safe on Facebook messenger

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WhatsApp Safety

All you need to know about reporting, blocking and privacy

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How to deal with internet trolls

Dealing with the Internet haters

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The future of the internet is up to us

Don't be a bystander to bullying behaviour online.

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What is

Find out how to block, report and deactivate on

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Could you be a bully?

Think about it

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How can I be safer on the internet?

Staying safe online.

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Simple ways of staying safe online

These simple and easy steps can keep you and your data safe online

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