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Being trans in Ireland

Identifying as FTM

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Am I a real lesbian?

Keeping up appearances.

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Understanding sexuality and sexual orientation

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Coming out...again

Who you choose to come out to is your own decision

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Sex, relationships and commitment phobes

Understand what's best for you in the different stages in your life

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I'm thinking of coming out - who should I tell?

To come out or not to tell?

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Is there less PDA from lesbian and gay couples?

I wanna hold your hand.

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Why I'm celebrating LGBTI+ Pride

Patrick talks about why attending Dublin Pride is so important for him and a cause for celebration

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Supporting LGBTI+ friends and family

How to support someone who "comes out"

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Common myths about LGBT people

Breaking down the myths and stigma around being LGBT

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I think I might be bisexual

If you feel attraction to more than one gender, you might be bisexual

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