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Why Pride and International Coming Out Day are so important

"Imagine considering yourself lucky that the worst you have to endure is name calling and the odd disapproving glance"

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How the homeless crisis is affecting people across Ireland

While volunteering with People In Need, Diarmuid talked with a number of people about their experience of being homeless

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Taking to the streets to #raisetheroof on Ireland's housing crisis

Having attended the #raisetheroof protest recently, Sean talks about the housing crisis in Ireland and how it's affecting students

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What you need to know if you want to work abroad in a bar

Joyce spent a summer working in Marbella and has some advice for anyone thinking about working abroad

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What do you need to think about before applying for a postgrad?

If you're in final year and thinking about applying for a postgrad, here are some things to consider before submitting your application.

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Halloween costumes ideas that are cheap and easy to make

Go all out this Halloween with these 6 DIY costumes

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Top places to go when visiting Paris on a budget

Paris can be an expensive city, but Dani has some great advice about things to see and do that won't break the bank

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How my self-soothe box helps when I'm feeling anxious

Isabel focuses on the five senses to help her stay calm and focused when she is feeling anxious

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My experience at the International Youth Reporter Training in Vienna

Roisin recently travelled to Vienna for this training and says it was one of the best experiences of her life.

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Deciding to do something different after college is scary but worth it

When friends started apply and accepting jobs, it made James nervous. But then he realised everyone has their own path to take.

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How exercise and meditation help my mental health

Criodan has been out cycling and running recently and finds he has more energy and is sleeping better.

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The pros and cons of having the internet at your fingertips

Ahead of International Day of Universal Access to Information, Criodan looks at how the internet and smartphones have changed the way we view the world

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