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Sam's vegan red lentil dhal recipe

This is a great meal to make in bulk and keep in your freezer for busy days

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Watch: Sophie's Pancake Recipe

Try this simple and student-friendly recipe from Sophie

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Watch: Ryan's Quinoa Risotto recipe

Try this student-friendly dish

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Ryan's Coconut and Cinnamon French Toast

Ryan gives his take on a breakfast classic!

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Carrot, parsley and beetroot hummus

Ryan shares his hummus recipe

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Ryan's Thai-style soup

SpunOutter Ryan shares his favourite Thai-style soup

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Ryan's guide to a good college diet

Survive any lecture with Ryan's tips for healthy and filling foods!

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Áine's chickpea and rice salad

This is a portable, handy lunch option!

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Crunchy blueberry yoghurt

This delicious recipe is suitable for a tasty snack or breakfast

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Banana and oat smoothie

Tasty and simple option for your breakfast

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Banana bread

Try this simple recipe for your own bread

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Wholemeal bread

Baking your own bread is easier than you think

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