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Sexting among Irish secondary school students

Report finds 13% of Irish secondary students have sent a sext.

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My story of a manipulative relationship

This reader talks about their controlling partner's harmful behaviour and the impact it had

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Facebook’s effect on mental health

Understanding Facebook’s report on the effects of social media on mental health

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Will you shift my friend?

Bebhinn gives her two cents on Irish dating culture

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If he thinks he's Bob Dylan, you should probably avoid him

One contributor's experience of narcissistic men

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What to do if you are the bully

Steps to take to stop bullying

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When friendships turn toxic

Rían writes about what it's like to lose a friend

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Be your own hero

How one SpunOut contributor learned to count on herself

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When the besties are no more

What happens when a friendship breaks up?

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The subtle signs of an abusive relationship

Emotional and psychological abuse can sometimes be difficult to see, but it's important to recognise the signs

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Tips for dealing with rejection

We've all had a crush on someone who didn't like us back

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Dating with depression

Jodie shares tips for dealing with relationships and mental health

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