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Where are the rent pressure zones in Ireland?

Learn more about the rent pressure zones in Ireland and what they mean for you

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How often can my rent be increased?

Depending on where you rent in Ireland there are different laws that control your rent

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Taking to the streets to #raisetheroof on Ireland's housing crisis

Having attended the #raisetheroof protest recently, Sean talks about the housing crisis in Ireland and how it's affecting students

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Challenges of paying for student accommodation

Talking to other students, Nick looks at the difficulties of student accommodation across Ireland

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What should I check before renting a room?

Moving is a big step so make sure it is to the right place

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Your rights when dealing with problems during your tenancy

Evelyn takes a look at everything from increased rent to noisy neighbours

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Looking for a place to rent

Things to consider and be aware of before you sign the lease

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All you need to know about your rights when it comes to housing repairs

If you're renting a property, there are certain things you should be aware of

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How to find student accommodation

Student housing can go quickly so you should start looking as soon as possible

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Rent supplement in Ireland

Check out the Citizens Information info.

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Renting and the law

The legalities of renting accommodation

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Is your landlord giving you the boot?

You have rights when it comes to notice and evictions from a property

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