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Showing all articles tagged safer sex

NSU: Non-Specific Urethritis

This can be caused by sexual contact with an infected person

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Shigella: Symptoms and prevention

This is a diarrheal disease that can be sexually transmitted

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STI: Granuloma Inguinale

This STI is not that common in Ireland, but it's good to be aware

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STI: Chancroid

This is a bacterial infection that is spread through skin-to-skin contact

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STI: Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV)

This bacterial STI is related to chlamydia

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Hepatitis C: Causes, symptoms and treatment

This is an infection of the liver most commonly caused by sharing needles

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What is lube?

Learn more about how, when and why you should use lube

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Which free STI Clinics are open in Ireland?

Find out where you can get a free STI test in Ireland

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Saying no to sex

There are a number of reasons why you might want to say no to sex

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How to respond to an unusual sexual request

Everyone has different sexual preferences, and it's a good idea to discuss these with your partner

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What is a Sexually Transmitted Infection and how do you get treatment?

Not all STIs show symptoms, so getting tested is the only way to know for sure if you have an STI

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How to practise safe oral sex

Oral sex can be enjoyable, but it's important to make sure you're having safe oral sex

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