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How Covid-19 is impacting students in school and college

Abbie talks about the reality of studying from home and why it's so important to follow the government's guidelines

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Why we need to update our school curriculum

Conor argues that what we're taught and how we're taught in school needs to change

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How my unexpected gap year helped me grow

There are so many things you can do during a gap year, whether you've planned it or not

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Why I believe Ireland's education system needs to evolve

Marius compares the education system in Ireland and Finland and argues that the Irish system needs to keep up with the times

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Is my stress the same as an adult's stress?

Ailbhe talks about why she believes that stress at any age is equally as valid as any other stress

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Speedpak Traineeship applications are now open

Speedpak is currently offering a full-time traineeship beginning in mid-January 2019

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Why it's so important to foster different types of intelligence

Aine argues that great minds do not think alike and we should encourage all types of intelligence

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My tips for managing mental health at school or in college

Isabel has some practical advice which might help you cope during the school year

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How can I make my school a safe space for LGBTI+ students?

By making simple changes you can create an inclusive environment for everyone

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Why we should keep History for the Junior Cert and beyond

Shauna gives her reasons why learning about History is important and why it should be kept as a compulsory subject

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Tips to start the school year refreshed, organised and motivated

Jill gives some tips for making the most out of your school year

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5 ways to reduce stress about going back to school

Make going back to school easier with these steps to reduce stress and anxiety

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