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Six months of volunteering

Jodie's volunteering experience made a big difference to her life

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My experience of self-injury

One young person writes about using self-harm as a coping mechanism

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My experience of self harm

There is help out there for people dealing with self harm

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Know Self Harm

Check out our new campaign on understanding and managing self harm, and how and where to get help

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Dealing with difficult emotions

There are lots of healthy ways to manage your feelings

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Attending A&E for self harm

If you have an injury that requires immediate medical assistance, you should go to A&E

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Attending your GP for self harm

If you self harm, it's important to seek help

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Telling someone you self harm

Tips for opening up

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Myths about self harm

Separating fact and fiction

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My girlfriend/boyfriend self harms

Here are some ways you can support them

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How to have a conversation about your mental health

Talking about mental health can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be

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Don't give up

An inspiring story of depression recovery.

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