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Showing all articles tagged social change

Calling all Youth Reporters

Interested in reporting from events in February and March?

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Social media and positive change

Online campaigns can have a massive impact on real lives.

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Creating a petition

Want to create change or peacefully protest?

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More than just coffee

Find out how buying one 'suspended coffee' can help make a difference.

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SpunOut Academy

Training in getting stuff done.

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Marching and demonstrations

An effective way of guaranteeing media coverage for your cause.

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Public speaking pointers

Tips on how to speak like a pro!

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Letter to the editor

Voice your opinion in the press.

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A vigil is a symbolic and solemn event.

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Engaging in society

Info on being more involved in society.

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How to use social networks to mobilise and make a difference

Changing the world one click at a time.

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