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Showing all articles tagged stress

Why checking in on your friends' mental health is so important

Abbie talks about why asking ‘how have you been recently?’ is such a powerful question

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My tops tips to enjoy your final semester of college

Final year can be stressful, but there is plenty you can do to make it your best year in college

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Is my stress the same as an adult's stress?

Ailbhe talks about why she believes that stress at any age is equally as valid as any other stress

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Does Mindfulness live up to the hype?

Isabel talks about different mindfulness techniques and how they can help you each day

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Sign up for a free six week Stress Control course in Cork

The Stress Control course is open to over 18s and will take place in two locations in Cork

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How probiotics could help with anxiety and stress

The relationship between our brain and the gut can impact our mental wellbeing

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Top tips for dealing with panic attacks

Mairéad shares what works for her when dealing with panic attacks.

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My advice for getting through 5th year

Robyn shares her tips for dealing with the stresses of starting 5th Year.

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10 tips for brand new dads

Supportive information and helpful hints for young fathers

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How can I reduce stress at work?

Feeling overwhelmed at work can be tough, but there are some things you can try to relieve the stress

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How to have a stress free exam time

It's not all about exercising the mind.

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How to prepare for the first day of exams

Start your preparation the evening before an exam

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