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Showing all articles tagged suicide

How finding the right mental health support has helped me

After not getting the support they needed initially, this volunteer talks about why it's important to find the right counsellor for you.

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What is suicide and why does it happen?

Learn more about supporting yourself and others

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How talking with friends or family helps with self-harm

"It is so brave to come forward and say how you feel and that you need help"

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2017

This year's theme is 'Taking a minute can change a life'

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Six months of volunteering

Jodie's volunteering experience made a big difference to her life

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'13 Reasons Why' is not for people with mental health issues

This contributor would not recommend that others watch the show

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Report warns of link between inequality and suicide

Top charity calls for more support to those at risk

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How can I tell that someone is thinking of suicide?

Most people experiencing emotional pain show signs of distress

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Who is at risk of suicide?

Suicidal thoughts or feelings don’t arrive out of the blue

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8 common myths about suicide

Understanding these myths around suicide can help us to support people who feel suicidal

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We need to talk about suicide

Hazel wants more people to talk openly about suicide

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Dealing with the demon that is depression

Sarah learned that talking helps

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