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What it's like growing up with ADHD

Ross talks about his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder diagnosis and how self-reflection and self-care really help him

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What taking a break from therapy taught me

Taking a break over from therapy can be difficult for many people, but Blessing thinks it's an opportunity to check in with yourself

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How support from my family and counsellors helped when I was suicidal

Joyce talks about her experience with suicidal thoughts and how support from friends, family and counsellors helped

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My journey to look after my mental health

Admitting he needed help was a difficult first step for Kyle, but it was so important for him.

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Support groups for young people affected by cancer

Find support if you have been diagnosed with cancer or if you have a friend or family member undergoing treatment

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What I've learned about talk therapy this year

Having talked with friends, Jessica has some advice on finding the right therapy and the right therapist for you

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Different types of therapy

Check out different options for therapy

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Watch: Fix Me

A new web series to promote mental health

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