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Penalty Rates for Jobseekers Payments

When you sign on for jobseeker’s payments you’ll have to sign a Record of Mutual Commitments

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Education, Training and Development Option - BTEA

These are short courses that let you retain your jobseeker's payment

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Community Education

A non-formal approach to education and learning based in local community

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What Social Welfare payments can I retain when I enter employment?

A list of payments you can claim while working or studying part time

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Unfair dismissal from work

Find out more about your employment rights

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Signing on for Social Welfare Credits

You may be able to claim credits even if you don't qualify for a payment

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All you need to know about constructive dismissal

Employees who can prove constructive dismissal can be returned to their jobs under their original contracts

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Jobseeker's Benefit and Work

You may be able to claim JB while working part time

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Jobseeker's Allowance and Work

You may be able to claim JA and work part-time

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Supplementary Welfare Allowance

Emergency welfare payment for those with no income

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All you need to know about redundancy

Find out about your rights and entitlements

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Getting fired

Feel like you've been unfairly dismissed?

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