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Why #thistimeimvoting in the European elections

Ross talks about the importance of voting in the European Elections and why young people should have their voice heard

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Why I've decided to run in the Local Elections

Sárán talks about the importance of young people in politics and how he decided to run in the local elections

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Why I'm raising awareness about lowering the voting age

Jessica surveyed students in her school about the voting age referendum and found some interesting information

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Labour vs Sinn Féin: what's the difference?

Learn more about Ireland's largest left-wing parties

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Why voting is so important for all young people

Criodan talks about the history of voting in Ireland and how voting lets you have your voice and opinions heard

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How you can make companies and politicians take action on climate change

Do you want politicians and companies to do more to fight climate change? Robert talks about how you can make it happen.

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Make a plan for polling day: Presidential election and blasphemy referendum

It’s important to plan what time you will vote and how you will get to the polling station

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Who is running for President of Ireland?

Who are the candidates, and what does the President do?

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Try out the new tactile voting ballot for people with visual impairments with NCBI

A tactile ballot allows people to use touch to fill out the ballot paper, instead of using sight

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Why I disagree with lowering the voting age to 16

As a 16 year old themselves, this reader thinks the voting age should stay at 18

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What is Populism and why should we be concerned?

Nick gives a breakdown of the Populist politics we see at the moment in Europe and further afield

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Part 2: Framing the 8th Amendment referendum debate

Prior to the referendum, Jenny interviewed campaigners from both sides about their approach to the referendum

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