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Try out the new tactile voting ballot for people with visual impairments with NCBI

A tactile ballot allows people to use touch to fill out the ballot paper, instead of using sight

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Why I disagree with lowering the voting age to 16

As a 16 year old themselves, this reader thinks the voting age should stay at 18

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What is Populism and why should we be concerned?

Nick gives a breakdown of the Populist politics we see at the moment in Europe and further afield

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The power of young people in politics in Ireland

Following the Marriage Equality and 8th Amendment referendum, it's clear to see the impact young people can have in politics

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Part 2: Framing the 8th Amendment referendum debate

Prior to the referendum, Jenny interviewed campaigners from both sides about their approach to the referendum

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Part 1: Framing the 8th Amendment referendum debate

Prior to the referendum, Jenny talked to Brian Sheehan about the links between this referendum and the marriage equality referendum.

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Exciting EU initiatives for young people

These EU initiatives are helping young people studying, travel and gain employment across Europe.

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Make a plan for voting on Saturday 8th February

It’s important to plan what time you will vote and how you will get to the polling station

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I am pro-life, but still voting yes in the referendum

After watching the recent debates, David talks about why he has decided to vote Yes.

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Thinking about the reaction after the referendum

Seans considers how some people may feel depending on the results of the referendum

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My take on the proposed legislation ahead of the referendum

Having looked into the proposed 12 week limit on abortions in Ireland, James argues for a No vote

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Why I need the 8th Amendment to be repealed

Grainne talks about why she need to vote Yes, even though she dislikes the idea of abortion

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