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Why I'm voting No in the upcoming referendum

Looking at the statistics from England and Wales, Mairead talks about why she is voting No

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Podcast: The launch of the #YouthforYes campaign

Listen to our podcast on the referendum and the launch of the #YouthForYes campaign.

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Why I believe we should Repeal the 8th Amendment

Isabel talks about being pro-choice and the importance of research ahead of the referendum

Read article's Executive Director on why we need to lower the voting age

Ian talks about why it's important for 16 and 17 year olds to be able to vote

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Let’s talk about the upcoming Eighth Amendment referendum

David talks about how Ireland has changed and his views on the upcoming referendum

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YSI hits Galway on the next leg of the 2018 SpeakOut Tour

Our reporter Ellen looks at the social issues young people are tackling with YSI

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Email your senator about voting rights for 16 year olds

A bill will be brought to the next stage in the Seanad on Wednesday March 21st

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Five steps forward. Ten steps back.

Alex talks about Brexit, Trump and political engagement

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#GetRegd on National Voter Registration Day

Wednesday 8th November 2017 is National Voter Registration Day

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“Votes at 16” bill blocked by senators

Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael voted to ‘freeze’ the proposal

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Senators to debate votes at 16

Have your say before 5pm today

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How does the voting system work in Ireland?

Learn more about PR-STV and what it means for your vote

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