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Russell Brand's Revolution and the Power of a Vote

Claire looks at the consequences of listening to Russell Brand and not voting!

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Take the future in your hands

Humming and hawing about why to vote? Well here's why you should!

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Getting ready to vote

One SpunOutter is preparing to vote for the first time.

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The effects of PRSTV on politics in Ireland

Looking at Proportional Representation by Single Transferable Vote (PRSTV) in Ireland and alternative options for voting.

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Would changing the electoral system change Irish politics?

Ahead of this weekend's Constitutional Convention, Brian Mahon takes a look at the state of our electoral system.

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Your vote matters

Why you should always vote.

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What is a referendum?

Find out why a referendum would be called and if you're eligible to vote.

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Lowering the voting age

Why I think we should vote at 16.

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