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Try your hand at wearable tech

CoderDojo invites young people to celebrate ICT Day On April 26th

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Working in college; it’s worth the hassle

Jessie writes about the things she's learned from working while in college

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EVE - Creating contexts for recovery

This service is available in Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare

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Zero hour contracts

This type of employment contract is more and more common

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How to improve your skills and employability

Tips for boosting your job prospects

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What are the benefits of being in employment?

It might not seem like it at times but being in employment can do wonders for your mental health and more

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What skills should I put on my CV?

What do you want your CV to say about you?

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Back to Work Family Dividend

Find out if you might be entitled to BTWFD

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What is the Benefit of Work Ready Reckoner

Find out how working full-time will impact your take home pay

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Can my boss reduce my hours at work?

Find out more about what supports might be available to you if your hours at work get cut

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JobsPlus Youth

Find out how this programme can help you get a job

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How to explain gaps on your CV

It's important to be honest and positive when explaining gaps on your CV

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