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What Social Welfare payments can I retain when I enter employment?

A list of payments you can claim while working or studying part time

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Unfair dismissal from work

Find out more about your employment rights

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All you need to know about constructive dismissal

Employees who can prove constructive dismissal can be returned to their jobs under their original contracts

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What will an interviewer ask you?

Elise's sample Q&A could help put you at ease

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What is workplace mediation?

This is one way of solving disagreements in the workplace

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Declaring tax as a Freelance Worker

If you work freelance, you must register as self-employed

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What is the Part-time Job Incentive Scheme?

This scheme allows you to take up part-time work and retain some of your Jobseeker's Allowance

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Jobseeker's Transitional Payment

What it is, and how you could qualify for it

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Emergency Tax

Why you might have been emergency taxed, and what to do if you have

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What is the Local Enterprise Office?

Are you interested in starting a business in Ireland? Talk to your Local Enterprise Office

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Find out if you're entitled to work in Ireland

It doesn't matter if you're outside of the EU, you could still qualify to work in Ireland

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Maintaining a healthy work/life balance

Evelyn gives her advice on getting enough downtime outside work

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